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May 31, 2014

Slim Pickings for the summer

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It’s been hot here or raining. Mother Weather can’t make up her mind, or maybe she has. We’ve been finding bits and pieces but nothing to write home about. You just can’t take food if it’s been sitting in the dumpster all day. Unhealthy and dangerous. So we stay away. We have quite bit of food stored in our freezer so we’re good for now.

We are remodeling our Appalachian house. It’s an old house, needs a lot of paint, shelves and other items. But it’s paid for, it has a new roof. Needs new siding, that’s coming on this summer. It’s a lot of work. But we can do it.

Tonight I dropped off at a local church/rehab center a large bag of cosmetics, i.e. eye shadow (pink or blue is definitely not the shadow of choice for a middle aged woman), gel, mousse, hair spray, nail art and various other items. The ladies in the dorm (for lack of a better term) will like these things, they’re all brand new and unopened.

Clutter is bad feng shui. It blocks energy flow and nothing new can come to you.

We’ve been trending the stores in our area. Food stamps are loaded 19 days in a row in our state. A few days after the food stamp loading is done for the month, the stores are DEAD. You could shoot a cannon down the aisle. THIS is when you shop. If someone is on food stamps, they need to check their state for when the EBT card is loaded. If you’re on EBT or not, you can get serious bargains this time of the month. That is when I shop. If something is a good price, I buy it all.

Local stores around here have good once a week sales (for one day only), once a month hot sales and a few times a year big bang up summer seasonal sales. Save your money if you can and please buy then.

An item yesterday was marked down to .75. Poise hot flash cooling wipes. 20 to a package. I bought all four packages. With the heat here in the summer, these will be refreshing to have.

Today we ate dinner at Outback. We’d not dined out since my birthday a few weeks ago. Because we do not eat out that often, we make it count. We save our money and dine at a place that has good food and a good atmosphere. I even had a sour apple martini.

We were gone all day canvassing the area and exploring. I put in my cooler several containers of water, some protein and a few sodas. That keeps you hydrated in the heat.

Shop at off times if you can. If any of my readers work the weekends, shopping mid-week or even Monday mornings are the best times. Very little people in the store, parking is a breeze and checkout is easy.

My lovely readers, how do you save money in this economy? What are your frugal ideas?



  1. A few frugal ideas 1.air out your house late at night when it is cooler to save on ac costs. 2. use bleach to clean with more on lots of things. 3.buy a new shower head water pik has a $10 rebate. The shower heads are collecting germs and need to be replaced more often. 4. If you have a garden and recyle the water use environmentaly friendly soaps for a better crop. 5.Read the articles on the net about what you can use for compost.Dust from your vacume ect… You will be suprised. 6.Polar pops any size at Circle K are only 89 cents and your kickback rewards card will get you free ones. Good for any time and you can add flavoring. 7.Get only the cable you need. Buy only what services you need. 8.Keep only what you need, sell what you don’t at a yard or garge sale or swap. Downsize to the smallest place you can and save on everything.9.Buy drain plugs to keep pest out of your tub/shower and sink. They are cheap. 10.Cut travel costs by going with a group or send a list plus have someone go for you to shop. Cut gas costs by doing several trips in one big trip if you cannot car pool or take the bus.Start a community closet at church to swap things. Do big pot luck meals at church for a nice expensive meal where everyone chips in. Take care. Open your windows from 12 am to 1 am if possible even your door as it gets cooler at night most places.

    Comment by Wilma — June 1, 2014 @ 12:04 pm

  2. Excellent ideas Wilma. I’m going to try that tonight about the windows. I never thought of it. Same with the shower heads. We find a lot of lemons, orange and grapefruit. Maybe I can juice those and make freezy pops out of them. We found so many freezy pops I have enough for all the menopausal women in my area.

    Comment by Moon Goddess — June 1, 2014 @ 2:12 pm

  3. My Ebt card is loaded on the 7th.. I buy supplies to last almost a month. You are so right about the stores. I shop only the discount places ..here it s called Save a lot. Makes the little money go farther.

    Comment by CAROL DEE — June 3, 2014 @ 11:50 am

  4. I am at the tail end of the no EBT card period. Found some seriously good discounts at Walmart today. It’s so much cheaper to dine at home.

    Comment by Moon Goddess — June 3, 2014 @ 8:12 pm

  5. I am moving to this area soon, so it’s instructive to read this and get in-the-know now. Good going.

    Comment by Tina — June 3, 2014 @ 10:32 pm

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