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July 17, 2014

BBQ food and Hickory Chips

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Once or twice a month I like to venture into a larger town to do something different. I’ve told my husband several times I’m almost out of cleanser for the house, so I either need to find some OR make some out of oranges and apple cider vinegar. Well on our first stop of our dumpster diving/fun run today, found 3 bottles of cleanser. You must dilute it to use it. I now have about a year’s worth of cleanser.

Then decided to venture onto another store to buy some hickory chips for smoking meat on the wood grill. I told myself, I almost guarantee you when we get to this other discount store, they’ll be there, half the price. I didn’t listen to my gut. I bought one bag of hickory chips, a few minutes later, found the same thing, half price. I still bought the chips half price. Because we were done for the day and exhausted from diving, I didn’t return the first purchase.SAM_0314SAM_0309SAM_0303SAM_0302

Today’s find include sliced pineapple, strawberries (I’ve blanched them in the picture you see today and tonight will be making medicinal margaritas tonight for my sore body), a dozen or so jars of pickles (I believe you can make relish out of them as I’m not a pickle lover) and a lot of smoked BBQ meats from the deli. I love relish in chicken salad and tuna salad.

I have a wood fire grill that my husband found curbside diving 10 years ago. We use it to cook outside as it’s way too hot to cook indoors. I’m teaching myself how to use this wood grill and to perfect my BBQ wood grill expertise and smoking meats. I love hickory and mesquite smoked meats. I have a strong palate for musky spicy foods so those chips will be perfect for me. I guess growing up in a small town and eating country food gives one a cast iron stomach.

Speaking of cast iron skillets. Bought one today at a local garage sale. For about 1/3 of the price you’d buy in a store. Made in the USA, can you believe it?

You can find all types of how tos on You Tube. I love shower gel, but it’s so expensive. I watched a couple of YT videos on how to make shower gel and lo and behold, I have about 3 months worth of shower gel from some bar soap (I’d found in the dumpster no less and some leftover soaps from hotels). I added some essential oils to the gel of eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint and spearmint.

Tomorrow we will be dropping off some food to some local people we know who need it. Tonight we are both too tired and sore. Dumpster diving is hard, sweaty and dirty work. We recently made friends with an elderly woman who has a complete off grid house. She lives very meagerly. We will be bringing her some presents this week.


July 15, 2014

Potato Manifestation

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On my to do list, I had potatoes on the list. I cut up the potatoes and fry them in the deep fryer OR grill them on our off-grid wood-fire grill. (A brand new grill that was found over 10 years ago that no one wanted).

This same grill I cooked a whole chicken on yesterday. I had to go outside in 30 minute intervals to stoke the fire with wood chips, wood and leaves (to kindle the fire). The chicken turned out great. Now imagine, I made a whole chicken and heated some green beans from the canning jar completely free of utilities. Just plain old wood, twigs and leaves. No money to the utility cartel, powered by nature. In fact it got so hot at one point outside (and I was in the shade) I resorted to a redneck water slide, a garden hose ran over my head.

So today my spouse decides to run into town for a few things. The local dumpster was calling his name. Find me, find me. Lo and behold, 2 bags of potatoes and one watermelon. It’s been so hot here cool watermelon will be very refreshing.

potatoes and watermelon

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