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November 2, 2014

Bread; the staff of life

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I have had a dumpster diving hiatus. My frozen shoulder is JUST starting to feel better, but I’m not pushing it. So I’m still doing the driving and my husband is doing the diving.

Today we decided to take a day and go into one of the larger towns near me. It has a lot of shopping variety and good diving. Now that’s it a lot colder, food thrown out stays fresh longer which is better for me.

On our way home we decided to visit one of our favorite haunts. It was full. We pulled out of the dumpster about 6 large boxes of muffins, bread, rolls, cakes, pies, donuts, etc. It’s quite a feast. We have enough to fill our freezers and another elderly person we made friends with. She’s in her 70’s and on social security. She has quite a bit of wisdom farming and my husband being Mr. Fix It can help her with a lot of projects. She’ll be receiving some of our largess this week.

We’re saving a few of the pies and cakes for Thanksgiving. They’ll go into the freezer until then. We know a few people in our area who have no family around or who don’t want to go to their local family meal. We are going to invite them over for Thanksgiving and have some good fun and maybe play a game of Scrabble if they’re up to it.


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