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November 3, 2014

Meat for Me and the Dogs

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It’s getting a lot colder here, so the pickings are MUCH better. Had to run to the grocery store to get a few items, I just can’t get diving. Plus it’s that time before the food stamps are loaded, so there are deep discounts at the retailer. And did we get some great deals.

Deals such as:

Gluten free pasta, 16 oz, .65.
Spinach and parmesan sauce, 1.75 a large bottle.
Arizona Green Tea in the bottle, .50. (good prepper item to have and good to have in the cooler when I’m on one of my all day jaunts).

After leaving the retail store I told the universe, if it’s meant to be, meat will be in the dumpster. Lo and behold, fresh kill. Several big slabs of beef/fat. I chopped them up in smaller pieces and fed to my neighbor’s dogs. If I don’t chop them up a little finer, they’ll literally choke themselves eating so fast. They were lapping it up and quite happy. In fact when I come home from the store they run to my truck. Many times they are so glad to see me and my spouse, they almost knock me down by jumping on me.

So we found 3 large pieces of brisket, dozen or so rolls of meat, intact and practically frozen.

Good haul. We’re still noshing food we found 3 years ago. Still perfectly good. So tonight, in order to pave way for the new, we had given away about 1/2 of our other freezer to our local food bank/rehab house. They were thrilled. Because the economy is in the toilet, donations are down and they’re barely getting by. Now I wished I brought more. I probably will tomorrow.

So tonight dinner was pasta (from the meat we dived tonight and the sauce we bought on closeout), with our gluten free angel hair pasta we bought on closeout and some foccacia bread (dived bread). A 4 oz glass of red wine (also dived 3 years ago) topped off the meal. Dessert was a sugar cookie (dived cookie).

But alas, I over did it and now my shoulder is sore. Sitting here now with ice pack.


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