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January 19, 2015


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Now that gas prices are a lot lower (about a $1 less per gallon a year ago today), we’re diving more and finding more goodies. My husband teased me tonight and said if we find food we can eat, if not, we’ll fast.

Fasting….. ugh. I don’t think so.

So tonight we went out on our local haunts and found nine frozen pizzas. Yippee! We can eat tonight. Seriously folks. I do believe there are other divers in my area now. That’s ok. You can’t get everything, everytime.

The one thing diving gives you is situational awareness. The military call it OPSEC. You’re aware of your surroundings, day and night. Being aware makes you less apt to be a victim of crime. It also teaches you to observe body language. Divers observe and notice things the general public does not.

We cleared our freezer as we had more room now from eating older food founds months ago. We made the declaration today that since we had a cleared space, we now have room for food. And voila! Nine pizzas in the box ready for us.

This week we will be taking several bags of soda cans and scrap from our yard for extra cash. Thank God gas prices have went down. This allows us to make longer trips to larger cities to dive more food.


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