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January 21, 2015

Little Old Lady

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Saw a senior diver. Probably in her 70’s. Wheeling along a little miniature shopping cart like one would use in NYC. I used to have one. She has her little cart full of things. She’s wearing a dress, warm coat, a scarf and some gloves. She has a little trash bag in her cart.

When I see her, I make sure and help her. She doesn’t have a grabber so my dear husband will grab things out of the dumpster for her and put it in her shopping cart. The newer ones are so deep it’s almost impossible to get them out unless you have long arm and legs like my DH.

We always ask her, do you need anything, (refuses to take money from anyone), are you warm enough at night, do you have enough medicine, etc? The answer is always the same, no I’m fine, thank you for asking and then she looks down.

Her generation did not grow up on foodstamps and had very little government help if any. That generation felt ashamed to take anything. They always felt others were far more poor than themselves.

If you have a senior in your neighborhood, make friends with them please. They may be very lonely. Many of them are single or widowed. Their children and grandchildren have busy lives. Your kind word or deed could mean the world to them.

I don’t discuss politics on my blog for a reason. I try to stay a-political on my blog and my twitter feed. I could be far left or far right but you’d never know and I’d prefer to keep it that way. This blog is about survival and great food finds. My blog is boots on the ground real world happenings, today. I have a wide variety of twitter followers and value their input. They are white, black, asian, hispanic, jewish, christian, agnostic, new age, heathen pagan etc….

The bottom line is so many people are hurting financially and are malnourished spiritually and physically. UDD is a blog to help you find that food for yourself and your hungry neighbor.



  1. Thank you for reminding people to check on the elderly. My mother is 82 but lives 1000 miles away and is alone. Her house is on the market and we are trying to get her down here with us. You have such a big heart for others, which is a wonderful example to all.

    Comment by Kathi D. — January 22, 2015 @ 8:23 am

  2. Why thank you Kathi. You could start by hiring someone from either Angie’s List or Craig’s List as a caregiver. I tell people all the time if they do this, look up that person’s FB page, Twitter account and other social media to see what type of person would be caring or looking after your Mom. If and when your Mom sells her home, one of your family members will have to be there to make sure your Mom doesn’t get ripped. Possessions in an elderly person’s home tends to grow legs and walk off.

    Comment by Moon Goddess — January 26, 2015 @ 12:25 pm

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