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March 1, 2015

Potato Salad and More Competition

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I’m in a large chain grocery yesterday buying some things from the deli. I like to buy things from the local deli instead of fast food. I usually will buy a few slices of roast beef, maybe some cheese and a few pieces of fruit. While I was purchasing my food I noticed that one of the clerks was packaging up food really neatly in boxes and putting it on some large rack. Then I watched her place all the boxes neatly in the trash. I thought ruh roh, that’s either for someone to pick up out of the trash can or a prime opportunity for me.

Instead of alerting my husband to go outside and get that stuff, we muddled around the store.


Something told me a goldmine was in that dumpster and it was. As we were leaving we drove behind the back. Sure enough an elderly gentleman was standing in the dumpster picking out all the good stuff, i.e. rotisserie chicken and other good deli meats he could fit into his small car. I have a feeling he was the spouse of the deli worker. Which is fine by me as I’d probably do the same thing, but darn it, he got the good stuff first!

Hey, first come first served. Those who get to the dumpster first, get the good stuff first. I call it fresh kill.

We came back about 10 minutes later and found about a dozen packages of potato salad and macaroni salad. Since they have a short shelf life and they can’t be frozen, off to the soup kitchen today they go.

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