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April 17, 2015

Taco Bell Dinner and Living Green

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Had a good haul the other day. Found over a dozen boxes of those Taco Bell make at home dinners (all you need is the ground beef), a dozen or so boxes of cereal and an entire box of thank you notes. All of us are used to sending emails and we don’t send letters anymore. There were thank you notes, blank cards, shower notices, baby shower invites, etc. It was all good stuff to have.

Now for the living green part. I purchased a simple shower from Amazon. It works great! It’s reasonably priced and will fit 2 liter bottles and the 1.25 liter bottle. You have to have the 2 liter bottles sitting out in the sun to heat up. It’s too darn cold if you don’t. I stood in my shower and used the first part to wet my hair and shampoo. Rinsed off. While my conditioner was seeping in, I used my shower poofer to wash. Rinsed off. Used 3 1.25 liter bottles to take a shower and I felt fine and clean. It’s a good investment, I highly recommend it.

I’ve been purchasing the solar lights from the dollar store. They work very well. Another way they can be used is in your house. If you have an area of the house you don’t go in as much at night like the bathroom, put one there. Charge it up during the day and put it in your bathroom at night. Stick it into that green foam block that people use for fake plants in a vase. You save electricity and help the planet at the same time.

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