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June 20, 2015

Potato Bake

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It’s way too hot to cook in the kitchen. So until it gets cooler cooking is done outside on the propane grill we purchased. Propane is cheap to cook with and cooks fast. I have a side burner I use for cooking eggs, potatoes or anything stir fry. This keeps the heat out of the kitchen and saves a lot of money on your electric bill. You can always go back into your bedroom with the AC on later to cool off.

My husband found 2 large bags of potatoes all by themselves in the dumpster. There were a lot more but he didn’t want to attract attention by staying there any longer. He uses a 6 foot fishing gaffe we bought at a local sporting good store to hook out larger bags or bags way down in the dumpster.

He washes the potatoes and throws out any bad or spoiled ones. That’s why they threw out the bags. There were a few bad ones in the mix.

He lets them dry overnight. Then, they are put in a big stock pot and cooked on the propane grill outside for about 1-2 hours. Once they are soft and cooked they go inside.

We purchased a potato ricer at a local discount retailer. Works very well. The potato ricer mashes the potato for either mashed potatoes, potato pancakes or home fried potatoes. They’re all good.

We put them into ziploc bags and allow them to cool for several hours before we freeze them. I usually cook them for breakfast with eggs. They make a great sort of hash brown.

The potato ricer was reasonably priced, stainless steel and very sturdy. They’re also good for carrots. Many young mothers use them to smash up their food for their little ones.

On a side note; I had made some strawberry vodka liquer with some dived strawberries out of the freezer. This stuff is so good you can drink it straight. So for a summer cocktail I use one shot of the strawberry liquer with tonic water. It’s a very refreshing light drink.

Here’s to a marvelous summer.IMG_20150619_190645IMG_20150619_190636IMG_20150619_224248IMG_20150619_231712


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