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December 14, 2015

Sirloin Roast Manifestation

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I’m at the grocery store tonight shopping for my regular weekly trip. Beef has gotten so pricey here lately, I’m just not buying as much. I had wanted to make a pot roast but the tender cuts of meat were way too expensive. So I passed.

I told my husband let’s go behind the store, let’s see what they have thrown out. I go to the first dumpster and guess what was squashed to the left of the trash bag?

A 1.5 pound sirloin steak roast, cold (fresh kill), well within date and completely red, no brown marks. I grabbed the package and we took off. Here I was bemoaning the price of sirloin steak and resigned myself to not having it.

So tonight I’ll be cooking that in the crockpot with burgundy french onion soup. Served with carrots, mashed potatoes and sweet tea.

Manifestation or coincidence? Who knows?


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