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April 23, 2016

Suet Cake Madness and Indigent Health Care

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I’ve capturedsuet cake a pic of the suet cake above that my husband had to reinforce with gusto. The first suet cake and holder we suspect was taken by a squirrel.

The second suet cake was taken by a big black crow. We found the holder and the cake in the woods near the house. We took the remains and put it on the porch. Lo and behold we witness a possum taking the entire tray and chain to the woods. He outran us.

This time, my husband put it on with such reinforcements that it would be hard to get off. Even by humans. We decided that if any critter takes this one off, we’re done with suet cakes.

The last 2 weeks we’ve found some good stuff diving. Chocolate malted balls, gardening gloves, nasal strips, OTC aspirin, shampoo and conditioner. Because I had been so sick I just didn’t feel like diving.

So I finally went to the doctor. A female one. Since I live in a rural area, high end health care is hard to find. I finally went to a rural indigent clinic that services the poor and low income. I found a wonderful doctor who gave me a complete exam and blood workup. I had to tweak my diet and pay attention to my health, which I was not doing.

I’ve lost now 22 pounds and feeling much better. I need to lose more but it’s coming off. I’m keeping a food diary and am exercising 4-5 days a week. Your health is so important. You don’t realize it until you lose it.

I monitor my blood pressure regularly. Drinking hibiscus tea has lowered it substantially.

I was sleeping poorly, possibly sleep apnea. Waking up with pounding headaches and BP through the roof. After losing some weight, exercising, taking hibiscus tea, magnesium supplements, DHEA and tart cherry juice, I feel like a new woman. All of these supplements together have eliminated a lot of my joint pain and given me much more REM sleep. Which is necessary for total health.

The last stop is the dentist. I have to go. I spoke to a man yesterday who had bad teeth. He’s going to the local indigent clinic for dentures. He said his heart problems were due to his rotten teeth, poor thing. So he’s now getting the care he deserves and needs to stay alive.

I’ll be posting more now and adding a little bit more health tips as I go along.


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