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August 30, 2016

Southern Heat and Health Recovery

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This heat this summer has been a real bear. We have had bouts of rain and cooler weather, but the hot heat has prevailed. Either I’m getting older and less tolerant of the heat OR it’s really getting hotter.

My dear handsome handyman husband put rain gutters on our house. He purchased two totes and we now have quite a bit of rain water to water the garden. Storing rain water just makes sense. It’s less demand on the municipal grid for water and it saves money for all of us.

Since he’s installed the gutters we’ve had a few bouts of serious rain. No flooding thank God. On each of these occasions, I put on my swimsuit and literally stood under the gutter. The cold rain water just gushed on me and let me tell you boys and girls, it felt great! The cold water plus the ionized air from the lightning just gave me a sense of well being. I was so relaxed from the first dunk I laid on the couch and crashed! So try it if you like. Remember as kids we always played in the rain, didn’t you?

Some things in our garden did not take, despite watering and taking really good care of the plants. The things that did do well were tomatoes, tomatillos, serrano peppers, loofahs and maybe just maybe the avocado plant I started just might take.

The dumpsters in my area have been really picked clean. I think there are a lot of other divers in my area. I’ve found a few things, but with the extreme heat, food is not one of them.

For about two years I’ve not been able to shake flu like symptoms, chronic sinunitis and just generally feeling poorly. Despite all the supplements, exercise and good clean water, something wasn’t right.

I went to a low income clinic that services the indigent and the poor. It’s a great place. Had a tooth pulled and one filled. Was on antibiotics for 7 days. The nurse told me that tooth had been bad for a long time. I ignored it. I didn’t want to go to the dentist as I knew the bill would be high. A wonderful lady told me about the clinic and shortly thereafter I had the work done.

For those of you who don’t like epi you can have yourself numbed by carbocaine. It contains NO epi. My heart didn’t race and I felt fine. I was sore but I was fine.

Since the tooth has been pulled and the infection left my body I feel a 1000% better. It was that darn tooth. Not surprisingly, my blood pressure dropped 30 points and my joint pain has dropped significantly. I still have shoulder and elbow injuries from diving alone for many years, but they’re not as bad. There is a clear connection between dental infections and bad health. So if you’ve put off going to the dentist, please go. If you can’t afford it, find a local low income clinic like I did and just get it done. You’ll feel a lot better.

So everyone in UDD land? How was your summer?




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