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October 30, 2016

Composting – Back to the earth

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For the last two years my dear husband has been building a compost pile. Mostly banana peels, coffee grounds, and other fruit and veggie peels and refuse. I’d tried growing avocados to no avail so I threw the avocado pits into the compost.

Guess what? The plants sprouted! Yippee. They look great. They’re growing now like weeds. Composting is SO easy. The ground where I live is very hard. Just too hard and rocky to grow anything. Buying soil can be expensive, time consuming and hard on your back hauling it to your car and back home.

So now I have bins in my fenced garden area (I purchased a dog pen earlier this year) and put bins into the area. I just throw the compost and leaves into the bins. Plants grow better, it’s cheaper, less hard on your joints and backs and better on your wallet. Keeps the skins out of the landfills and regenerates into the earth.

So now fellow divers, this is one excuse you could use if you’re caught dumpster diving fruits and veggies behind a store. You’re an organic small farmer looking for compost.

I will be taking pictures this week to show you of my compost pile and my garden. For a small time gardener like myself, it’s not bad.

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