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February 2, 2012

Happy Hour

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My husband didn’t want to go out diving last night. I insisted we go. We found some good stuff last night.

1 bottle of vodka (very good for steeping liquers and tinctures).
5 bottles of root beer
1 bottle of shirley temple drink
2 bottles of lime juice (love lime juice in my diet coke). Also good for a Cuba Libre which I use Malibu Rum, Coke Zero and a swig of lime juice.

Our first dumpster was full of makeup, lotion, shower gel and shampoo. Unfortunately this time, an employee dumped all the products into the box, soaking the box, thereby rendering it useless for anyone to use. Now dumped into a landfill for nothing. That really drives me nuts.

Did some curbside recycling today. Unfortunately in this economy there are many foreclosures and evictions. Most of the time the landlords will throw the stuff out on the curb for the garbage company to pick up later. We stopped by an eviction today and retrieved a beautiful glass platter (had fruit designs), a fairly new cutting board and a desk organizer (for the inside) with some cool stuff in it. A bookmark (made with a paperclip on a metal clip), a couple of good scissors (the good sturdy ones made years ago, not just some cheap China crap) and a few paper clips.

Curbside recycling is a good start for those who want to start diving without skulking behind an alley. You’d be amazed at the stuff you’ll find.


September 20, 2011

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

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Did some curbside recycling last night. Curbside recycling is where someone leaves something on the street in front of their house. Found an entire set of plates (new), 4 canisters for food storage (like what you’d get for rice, beans, sugar, flour, etc), a bread box, Gorman crystal candleholders and vases.

Then off to a new town where we’re vacationing. Went behind 2 dumpsters. Unfortunately we didn’t have my larger car so we couldn’t take as much. Found an entire box of chips, candy bars, energy bars and fig newtons. Those are going to a local church this week. One of the stores threw out a brand new BBQ grill. There was simply no more room in our car. We looked like the Beverly hillbillies already. All that was needed was my arse on the top holding on to the BBQ grill for dear life instead of granny in the rocking chair!

Tonight on the way home from shopping decided to stop by a local grocery store. Found 6 boxes of Klondike bars (slightly melted but they’re frozen now). My hubby is still anxiously awaiting the Klondike bars to be frozen so he can eat them. Then 20 bags of cold (just thrown out) buttermilk biscuit dough. Some of that is going to the local church as well. Took a batch of the biscuits and cooked in the oven. OMG they were to die for. A little bit of melted butter and blueberry jam was a taste of heaven.

God has really blessed me these last few years. He’s given me plenty of food for me, my husband and those in need.

August 1, 2011

Free chips – dumpster diving recipes

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Saturday night recovered a dozen huge bags of chips scheduled for the trash. Sitting here now typing after eating a ham sandwich with some lay’s chips. Hmmm mmmm good!

Also recovered 3 dozen Mexican sweet breads. Will heat those up in the microwave for breakfast with the free coffee we found that same night.

Growing up in the south we learned how to eat cheap when times were tough. This is a recipe or a dish my grandma used to make when it was the end of the pay period and we were low on food.

Grandma boils any leftover potatoes, and then refries them as home fries. We would toss in chopped up bologna (we pretended it was ham) and some cheese. They use to hand out government cheese to poor families back in the 70’s. We would use that cheese (you could use mozzarella now). Fry up the potatoes until they have crust, then toss in the bologna and cheese and voila, a casserole. I made it for my husband today and he loved it.

I have dozens of chocolate muffins I’ve found that are in the freezer. With those I make a brownie ice cream dessert. Take the muffin, nuke it in the microwave, and cut it in half. Dollop a couple of scoops of ice cream (bought on sale) and then squirt on a little bit of Hershey’s chocolate sauce. I buy my chocolate sauce at Costco. The 2 containers last us at least 6 months. It’s an excellent dessert and made in 5 minutes.

Redneck Thai Iced Tea – steep your black tea in the sun. Squeeze out the bags after they’ve steeped in the sun. Pour over ice and pour in some flavored coffee creamer. I tried this with my hubby and he loved it.

Just because we’re low on money doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life.

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