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November 15, 2014

Cookies and Milk

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A few nights ago we found four boxes of frozen chicken and a dozen packages of ground sausage. When I cook the chicken or the sausages there is always some grease and meat drippings left. I put them in a bowl, drop some bread in it and give it to our neighbor’s dogs. They love the protein, the fat and the bread.

In fact, the dogs are so conditioned to being fed by me, that when I come home from a dumpster diving run, I swear they can smell the meat. The raw meat scraps are good for them as well as the female is now pregnant again. Her black coat is far shinier than it used to be as she’s now getting good nutrition from me.

The other night a new little dog came to the woods. Someone just dropped him off. He’s a sweet little thing. We named him Peanut. He’s very lovey dovey and friendly. He just laps up the love from everyone. He will jump up and down when he sees us. It’s a sweet sight to behold.

Found about a dozen gallons of whole milk and about a dozen packages of cookies, intact and unopened. There are so many cookies I can house and quite frankly I don’t need them. Neither does my spouse. He still considers cake a vegetable. The milk and cookies (with the exception of one gallon milk and one package of cookies) went to the local soup kitchen/rehab center. They loved it. They’re living on such a slim margin, that is makes me feel grateful I have what I have.

Pictures below are of the following. (1) Dumpster dived meal. Frozen chicken baked in the oven. French fries (potatoes found in the dumpster) cut up and drizzled with rosemary olive oil and seasoned salt. Very good hot meal. Dessert will be two cookies and a little glass of milk. I put my milk in a martini glass, silly, but I like it.

(2) The homeless dog Peanut. He’s as sweet as sugar. I’ll keep feeding them if they keep coming around. I can’t let an animal starve. I just can’t.

Yes ladies and gentleman, it’s a zoo here, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Chicken and Potatoes



December 13, 2011

Home for the Holidays

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I recently came back from a road trip visiting family. Traveled 3,000 miles in 3 weeks. I’m done with driving. I’m home for the holidays. If I do any driving it’s to the local grocery store or local dumpster diving.

Traveled through east Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

While in Alabama came upon an older lady (probably in her 70’s) who was dumpster diving behind a spot I’d frequented. The DD rules are simple, who is there first, gets the goods first. We talked a little. I asked her what she found and she showed me. Lots of crackers, food and odds and ends. I asked her if she did this a lot and she said, “this is how I survive”.

Isn’t this sad? THIS boys and girls is the face of America. Older seniors dumpster diving for food. I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, your politicians do not give a damn about you. Neither do most of these non-profit agencies OR the churches. The people who do need their help, i.e the disenfranchised, the homeless, the mentally ill are simply left behind and many of them die without family knowing it. Many homeless people and runaways are dead years before their family find out.

While traveling found some good stuff; paper plates, another Keurig coffee maker, a lovely memory foam neck pillow (perfect for sitting on the recliner typing on my laptop), a couple of glass tumblers (the kind with the straw into the hole of the lid), shelves for my husband’s storage shed, 15 containers of sweet tea, strainer for the kitchen sink, food, bags of fruit (only one apple had a bruise), vitamins (brand new in box), new magazines and paperback books, nutritional supplements and energy drinks, Christmas ornaments (one was broken, they threw the entire box out), bunch of boxes and bubble wrap (no need to buy bubble wrap and boxes to ship Christmas gifts, there are tons in the dumpster).

It was good to see my family, real good.

June 19, 2011

Makeup Brushes and the Law of Attraction

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Makeup Brushes

Yesterday was the day for food shopping. I’ve eschewed these large corporate food chains (who exploit workers and feed us garbage) and fast foods (who do the same) and cook at home 99% of the time. Our only dining out now is local family restaurants on special occasions, date night and while traveling.

Last night we visited for the first time a local Spanish market. The place was impeccably clean, the staff spoke English and those who didn’t found you one who did and the food prices were fair. We decided to get some fresh chicken to cook on the BBQ and a little dessert later. The bakery sells desserts for one portion. If I have an entire cake I become a glutton and want to eat the whole thing.

Before food shopping, we decided to hit a few malls. Found makeup, office supplies, probably a year’s worth of trash bags (new) and other odds and ends. The pet food went to our neighbor who just bought a dog (the pet food was way before sell date) and the makeup will be distributed to local needy women.

So today, I realize I needed new makeup brushes. Went to Target and bought 4 new brushes at a good price. Guess what I found when we left the parking lot in a local full dumpster? A brand new bag of makeup brushes.

The law of attraction works ladies and gentleman. But you have to believe the universe will provide and then get out of your own way! The makeup brush was a small manifestation of what happens when you relax and let go.

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