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July 17, 2014

BBQ food and Hickory Chips

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Once or twice a month I like to venture into a larger town to do something different. I’ve told my husband several times I’m almost out of cleanser for the house, so I either need to find some OR make some out of oranges and apple cider vinegar. Well on our first stop of our dumpster diving/fun run today, found 3 bottles of cleanser. You must dilute it to use it. I now have about a year’s worth of cleanser.

Then decided to venture onto another store to buy some hickory chips for smoking meat on the wood grill. I told myself, I almost guarantee you when we get to this other discount store, they’ll be there, half the price. I didn’t listen to my gut. I bought one bag of hickory chips, a few minutes later, found the same thing, half price. I still bought the chips half price. Because we were done for the day and exhausted from diving, I didn’t return the first purchase.SAM_0314SAM_0309SAM_0303SAM_0302

Today’s find include sliced pineapple, strawberries (I’ve blanched them in the picture you see today and tonight will be making medicinal margaritas tonight for my sore body), a dozen or so jars of pickles (I believe you can make relish out of them as I’m not a pickle lover) and a lot of smoked BBQ meats from the deli. I love relish in chicken salad and tuna salad.

I have a wood fire grill that my husband found curbside diving 10 years ago. We use it to cook outside as it’s way too hot to cook indoors. I’m teaching myself how to use this wood grill and to perfect my BBQ wood grill expertise and smoking meats. I love hickory and mesquite smoked meats. I have a strong palate for musky spicy foods so those chips will be perfect for me. I guess growing up in a small town and eating country food gives one a cast iron stomach.

Speaking of cast iron skillets. Bought one today at a local garage sale. For about 1/3 of the price you’d buy in a store. Made in the USA, can you believe it?

You can find all types of how tos on You Tube. I love shower gel, but it’s so expensive. I watched a couple of YT videos on how to make shower gel and lo and behold, I have about 3 months worth of shower gel from some bar soap (I’d found in the dumpster no less and some leftover soaps from hotels). I added some essential oils to the gel of eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint and spearmint.

Tomorrow we will be dropping off some food to some local people we know who need it. Tonight we are both too tired and sore. Dumpster diving is hard, sweaty and dirty work. We recently made friends with an elderly woman who has a complete off grid house. She lives very meagerly. We will be bringing her some presents this week.


July 15, 2014

Potato Manifestation

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On my to do list, I had potatoes on the list. I cut up the potatoes and fry them in the deep fryer OR grill them on our off-grid wood-fire grill. (A brand new grill that was found over 10 years ago that no one wanted).

This same grill I cooked a whole chicken on yesterday. I had to go outside in 30 minute intervals to stoke the fire with wood chips, wood and leaves (to kindle the fire). The chicken turned out great. Now imagine, I made a whole chicken and heated some green beans from the canning jar completely free of utilities. Just plain old wood, twigs and leaves. No money to the utility cartel, powered by nature. In fact it got so hot at one point outside (and I was in the shade) I resorted to a redneck water slide, a garden hose ran over my head.

So today my spouse decides to run into town for a few things. The local dumpster was calling his name. Find me, find me. Lo and behold, 2 bags of potatoes and one watermelon. It’s been so hot here cool watermelon will be very refreshing.

potatoes and watermelon

June 5, 2014

Chips and Dip

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The other day we bought some chips and dip on sale.

Today, find several bags of chips and dip. Talk about manifestation. It never fails. Ever.

The heat slows down dumpster diving. Especially for meat and produce. Way too dangerous. Could get sick. Plus I have enough food to last me for quite some time. Now don’t get me wrong, we do spend money in the economy, but wisely.

Tonight we are redoing a room and making it a spare bedroom for guests and any other weary traveling friends who need to stay for a night or a month. Doesn’t matter. God has been good to me, so I’ll be good to others.

I have quite a stash of new clothes that I found a few years ago. Pants, jeans, socks, T-shirts, underwear, dishes, kitchenware, that I’ll never ever use. They are going to charity this week. Someone could use them. I need the space and someone out there needs the clothes. Just the other night a local charity received a large bag of body powder, makeup, and other personal toiletries.

It is nice in the country. We saw two turkeys the other night, a coyote running across the highway and dozens of fireflies in the evening. Many a night I will sit outside, watch the fireflies, light a candle on my front porch (keeps the bugs away) and enjoy the bright moon or the stars when it’s the dark of the moon.

What things in nature do you enjoy? What simple pleasure do you like?

Dumpster Diving Injuries

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When I first started diving. I did it alone. I wasn’t a seasoned diver and I had to learn the hard way how to do dive properly. For years I would hold the diving stick in my right hand (my dominant side) and the flashlight in my left hand. I remember coming home at night with my right shoulder and arm hurting, but it was OK the next day. Now looking back on it, I should have been using a headlamp and using both hands to grab items.

For about a year I’ve been having shoulder issues. Pain, stiffness and almost close to a frozen shoulder. I waited until we moved out of the city and got settled before I decided to see a doctor. So off to the doctor I went for physical therapy treatment and massage. But I kept irritating it and it wasn’t healing. My husband does all the heavy lifting, but I would get so excited about finds and wanting to hurry the heck out of the location before management or someone else came outside, I would jump out of my car and help!

Finally the pain became so bad, I decided to back off diving for a week and things are improving. I’m starting acupuncture in a few weeks and I should be on the road to healing again.

We still dumpster dive, but right now I’m only the chauffeur. I write the articles about our finds, but my dear husband does the lifting and jumping into the dumpster. Tissue injuries take a long time to heal and I have to take a step back and just let my arm heal.

Word to the wise. Use a headlamp and don’t use just one arm. If it’s too heavy, have someone who has the upper body strength to do it, just don’t get injured. If any of you have shoulder issues, please let me know what worked for you.

May 31, 2014

Slim Pickings for the summer

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It’s been hot here or raining. Mother Weather can’t make up her mind, or maybe she has. We’ve been finding bits and pieces but nothing to write home about. You just can’t take food if it’s been sitting in the dumpster all day. Unhealthy and dangerous. So we stay away. We have quite bit of food stored in our freezer so we’re good for now.

We are remodeling our Appalachian house. It’s an old house, needs a lot of paint, shelves and other items. But it’s paid for, it has a new roof. Needs new siding, that’s coming on this summer. It’s a lot of work. But we can do it.

Tonight I dropped off at a local church/rehab center a large bag of cosmetics, i.e. eye shadow (pink or blue is definitely not the shadow of choice for a middle aged woman), gel, mousse, hair spray, nail art and various other items. The ladies in the dorm (for lack of a better term) will like these things, they’re all brand new and unopened.

Clutter is bad feng shui. It blocks energy flow and nothing new can come to you.

We’ve been trending the stores in our area. Food stamps are loaded 19 days in a row in our state. A few days after the food stamp loading is done for the month, the stores are DEAD. You could shoot a cannon down the aisle. THIS is when you shop. If someone is on food stamps, they need to check their state for when the EBT card is loaded. If you’re on EBT or not, you can get serious bargains this time of the month. That is when I shop. If something is a good price, I buy it all.

Local stores around here have good once a week sales (for one day only), once a month hot sales and a few times a year big bang up summer seasonal sales. Save your money if you can and please buy then.

An item yesterday was marked down to .75. Poise hot flash cooling wipes. 20 to a package. I bought all four packages. With the heat here in the summer, these will be refreshing to have.

Today we ate dinner at Outback. We’d not dined out since my birthday a few weeks ago. Because we do not eat out that often, we make it count. We save our money and dine at a place that has good food and a good atmosphere. I even had a sour apple martini.

We were gone all day canvassing the area and exploring. I put in my cooler several containers of water, some protein and a few sodas. That keeps you hydrated in the heat.

Shop at off times if you can. If any of my readers work the weekends, shopping mid-week or even Monday mornings are the best times. Very little people in the store, parking is a breeze and checkout is easy.

My lovely readers, how do you save money in this economy? What are your frugal ideas?

April 19, 2014

Buy One – Get 15 Free

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The title is much better than BOGO. Needed butter, so we bought some yesterday. Tonight found a box of 15. Organic sweet cream butter no less, woo hoo!

Captured from the dumpster over 50 packages of cheese, some were pre-sliced, some were blocks of cheese. Monterey Jack, Colby, Sharp Cheddar, you name it. All these cheeses are in their packages intact. Good for omelettes or cheese quesadillas.

Two packages of frozen hash browns.

5 containers of chocolate milk.

Sliced deli turkey breast.

Jello desserts.

Cookie dough to bake chocolate chip cookies with.

Onions, potatoes, broccoli, carrots (I make carrot juice daily). Ironically I had said I needed to find a carrot farmer as it takes 1 pound of carrots to make juice for my husband and I. Found tons and tons of carrots. Plus a bag of sweet oranges.

This weekend we are having guests over. They are having a getaway from their 5 children. They need the break. They are staying the night with us. We’re going to eat dived food (they know where it comes from), watch some good old fashioned movies, maybe play some scrabble and then later have a fire outside and see the stars.

I love being a free agent. No mortgage, no debt, just free to live the life I want. I’m no spring chicken. But I’m not ready to take a dirt nap just yet. So now I live my life on my terms. Go to bed when I want, get up when I want, do what I want. The sky is the limit. But it took me MANY years to get here.

I’m certainly NOT wealthy by any means. We live very frugally. We live simply. And for me that’s OK.

So when our friends leave, they’ll be going home with lots of stuff. Clothes for the kids, food, toiletries, prepper supplies, etc. They need it, we have it, we got it free and we share it.

What’s not to like about that?

April 2, 2014

Fish Manifestation

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Yesterday I started a new 30 day wormwood cleanse for intestinal parasites. The day before I told my husband, you know if we’re going to do this intestinal cleanse, we need to eliminate red meat for the month of April, drink carrot juice daily and watch our soda intake and increase our water intake.

That afternoon we went out to lunch for our wedding anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve been married three years. Anyhoo, before we had dinner, we decided to go diving.

Thank God I brought a large cooler with me.

Inside the bin was 10 packages of fish. Perch, mahi mahi and catfish. All very cold, JUST thrown out. Put in cooler pronto. A case of small milk containers. Now in freezer. When we have company over (especially kids), they love milk, especially chocolate milk. Now we’re stocked.

I looked up and said God, universe or whatever you wanna believe, thank you for the fish. It’s like someone is listening to me.

Manifestation take practice and confidence in your abilities. It means abandoning a scarcity mentality and believing there will always be enough for you.

Esther and Abraham Hicks have written many books on the power of thought, manifestation and abundance.

Francis Ponder (now deceased and I highly recommend her books) had many books on abundance and prosperity.

If you’re in debt, have no job, or want to live a simpler life without killing yourself to make a living; then you owe it to yourself to adopt an abundance mentality. Money attracts money. Continued success attracts continued success. See the pattern here?

Live it, breathe it and you will attain it.

March 27, 2014

Sausage Manifestation

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As a woman who grew up poor and in the country, some foods never leave you. That one food for breakfast is sausage, sausage gravy, biscuits, eggs, hash browns, bacon, not all at once though.

The dinner I made tonight was blah. Wasn’t in the mood for healthy food, rice and veggies. Just wasn’t into it. Just couldn’t see myself eating it. I decided we were going out. I said out loud what we need now is some sausage and my freezer will be complete.

So we saundered down to the local car hop diner. I had frito pie and a peanut butter shake. Man it was good. My dear husband had a strawberry shake and some chicken fingers.

Of course you know the story a few hours later, I found a case of sausage. STILL COLD. FRESH KILL. 24 packages of sausage. Woo Hoo!

Sometimes you just gotta eat southern fried food, y’all know what I mean?sausage 2

March 20, 2014

I’m Back

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I’m finally back in the Appalachian mountains. I cannot tell you all how happy I am to be here. The city is not for me. Too busy, too much crime and too many impersonal people.

Ladies and gentleman, you do not want to be in the cities when things fall apart. You will be a dead man walking. I see and hear the seething hostility from people. As an empath, I pick up on it and have to cleanse myself constantly to wash it away.

Pickings in Florida had went downhill, we had competition. We encountered many a diver in Florida. Despite what the media tells you (and I’m on ground zero and in the trenches) it’s NOT getting better. The only times stores see a deluge in shoppers is when the food stamps are loaded or the social security checks come in, and then, dead zone.

One area we dove at always had tons of newer cars there at night. There is no way the employees at that retail establishment could afford those cars, no way. I finally figured it out, they lived across the street in the gated community and kept the cars in the parking lot to avoid the repo man.

My spouse sold his home in Florida where the neighborhood had seriously degraded. Lots of crime. I might have to change my name to country dumpster diver, but I’ll let the name stay.

I had my tablet with me for a few months and typing new posts on that were difficult at best, so I used twitter to tweet new finds.

After two days of packing and throwing things out, we were on the road for two days with a U-Haul, my car and my cat. She cried every day for a few hours, but finally calmed down. We stayed in a pet friendly room and she didn’t cry. She smelled the scent of other animals and felt comforted.

Two days of packing and two days of hard driving. I was so tired on both days I nodded off driving. I HAD to pull over and take a nap. Then a few hours later it was hotel time.

Three days of hard unpacking. My back locked up so bad I had to crawl in bed. I’m no spring chicken anymore, LOL. We finally hired three men from the local church we give food to. They happily came over, we paid them of course and they did a marvelous job. We will use them again for future work projects at home.

So now the goal is to fix up this country home, start eating healthy again, lose weight, get fit and exercise and live life. Buy food from local farmers, watch the birds on my bird feeder and be happy.

And oh, BTW, more diving is on the horizon. Once you’ve been bit by the dumpster diving bug, it never leaves you.

October 26, 2013

Food Stamps and Dining at Home

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We’ve not been finding that much stuff and that’s OK. Diving is a crap shoot so we take what we can.

We had to go into town tonight to actually buy some food for dinner. We had contemplated eating out. Problem is, unless we spend big bucks on dinner, fast food just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. If we visit one of the big fast food dining establishments we’re spending $15 for dinner and we’re both hungry 2 hours later. If we want a dinner that satisfies, we’re spending $30. I’m just not doing that anymore.

In fact, we’ve made the resolution, unless we’re traveling, we don’t dine out, period. Exceptions are anniversaries, birthdays etc.

So we stop at the local grocery store and buy some lobster ravioli with sauce and a package of bread sticks. That and some white wine (wine we found BTW) made for an excellent dinner.

A young man in front of us bought some food for himself. He was probably single based on what he was buying. He paid for it with an EBT card. The card wouldn’t swipe as the EBT system has been having problems. Much of the code written in the EBT system computer software is written overseas. That could be the problem here folks.

The cashier said EBT, very quietly, but I heard it. The young white man looked down ashamed and said yes.

My heart sunk. This was probably some working man who’d lost his job and just needed help and you could tell he felt like S*** for taking charity (many folks around here feel that way).

Of course I didn’t say anything, but I telepathically told him this. Don’t feel ashamed young man. You are a victim of a criminal rogue government that has outsourced all good jobs overseas. The only way many a man today can earn a living is bombing poor brown folks overseas. Your government doesn’t give a S*** about you, never has and never will.

Keep your chin up, don’t feel bad about taking help (lord knows you’ve probably paid your fair share in taxes) and keep thoughts of abundance and prosperity. I’m praying that that man tonight hears my prayer for him and becomes successful so that he never has to buy cheap pizza again.

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